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Sales managers around the world have one thing in common…the focus on MORE NEW SALES! How many times has your boss said or maybe even screamed “Sell more now!” But how?…But how?…

Why Does Your Traditional Sales Training Stop Working? If You Can Give 15 Minutes A Week, Then You Can Get More New Sales!

From: Donna Price, Business Success Coach Re: 12 Week “More New Sales” Training Program Dear Colleague, After 12 years in outside, inside, (upside, downside) sales…one thing is certain…the key to success is more new sales –

Whether it is moving more “units” or selling bigger ticket items… we all want MORE NEW SALES…..period.

It’s a rat race. It’s hard at times. Cliche cliche cliche. But it’s true! No matter how well you do in any given sales cycle (quarter, month, week)…the very next Monday…there you sit. At zero. Wasn’t I just a hero on Friday? Didn’t I just break my own sales record? Wow, I really felt great last week. I got a great paycheck, made my manager very happy, and even managed to draw attention from the area vice president! Why do I feel like garbage today. I HATE starting over! What do I do now? How do I get started again? Have you ever felt that way? That’s the best case scenario. What about this one? Man, last month was terrible. I didn’t make my goal, and although I still got a paycheck, my boss is on my case because his boss is on his case…and I don’t even know where to begin a new sales month! It’s so FRUSTRATING!! I feel like I’ve started in a hole!


What if you had a “go to” resource for a fast start? What if you had somewhere to turn when you didn’t know what to do next. How do you change your “habits”, and find a new way to sell? What if you opened your email every week, and there was a short, 10-15 minute “what to do this week” manual that could help you stay focused and move FORWARD in your sales efforts? What would you pay for that? Well…let’s deal with that part later (I promise, you won’t be disappointed)… Now, let’s say you could sell one (that’s just ONE) extra “unit” per week…more than you sell now – Your average commission/bonus per sale X 52 sales per year = $???? Okay now…let’s think about this…in your particular field…what does that equate to? What would you make with just 1 extra sale per week? (hint: do a little conservative math…you’d be surprised :-))

Sidebar: I’m a realist folks. I know that there are jobs out there that pay small bonuses, and others that pay huge…my point is this…


But why do you need this extra “training” to get more sales? Maybe you’re thinking…”Hey, I’ve been through tons of sales training, audio books, etc…what’s this gonna teach me that’s new?” I understand. I’ve been there. I’ve had very good months in sales, and very average months…but even in the good months, I wanted more (and I have a life outside of sales…so I don’t wanna spend every waking hour reading or studying sales strategies.) Let me explain why it was sometimes tough for me…(and then I’ll tell you how I simplify things for you)…

3 Reasons Why Traditional Sales Training Stops Working

(I know…you’re probably very good at it…so why would I step on your toes?)

  1. After any length of time in any sales job, complacency sets in. One of the worst things about success in sales is the tendency for it to cause complacency. Think about it, if you’re doing fairly well, and the boss is fairly happy, no pressure. Keep up the status quo. Why go above and beyond when you’re almost a hero? If you’re the one in a thousand who is so self driven that you never get complacent regardless of your successes…you’re probably not reading this…but out selling something.
  2. Taking the extra step in gaining More New Sales can require a large investment of time. Let’s face it, outside of your initial and continuing sales training that’s required of you by whoever it is you work for, any additional training cuts into “you” time. Or “honey do” time. Or spouse and kids time…and the list goes on. The library is full of books on sales, successful habits, time management, etc…but what do you need to utilize these things? Time. And lots of it. Now, I’m not saying these are not very good things, but the ratio of near term success (MORE SALES NOW!!) to time invested is low. Put simply, it’s frustrating to put in hours and hours of work and study and have to wait for results…another de-motivator.
  3. Traditional sales training and continuing education is generally very broad and ambiguous. Fluff. Words. Filler. Scenery. Icing. I could go on. Outside of what you’re employer teaches you about your products and sales process, general sales texts and courses can be very involved, conceptual rather than practical. Sure, some are very detailed. Some are specific. And they’re all very similar. Leaving you to pick out what may work, and what may not.

So, if the “old way” isn’t the way I’m talking about…what is?

I’ve Put Together Just 12 Simple Lessons Specifically Designed to Get You
More New Sales

stormy mondayAre you ready to be a Rain Maker?  Yes, that’s what I call it… not a new term for people that sell easily, but a fun one for members here…. These lessons are short. Easy. Effective. Profitable!! You’ll be astonished at the simplicity of each weekly lesson. No earthquakes, no re-inventing the wheel. I take time proven sales principles and apply them to real world sales situations and teach you how to get the most out of them. The benefits of this course are the exact opposite of the barriers above…

It makes it easy to become a RainMaker, and what fun that is!!

  1. Each lesson helps to create an immediate task and sense of urgency. No more complacency. You’ll get a short lesson with action steps to take, and examples of how to use the information. If nothing else, just the focused increase in activity will stir up some new sales!
  2. Because you’re short on time, I’ll keep it brief! No daunting textbook or dry 16 hour audio. No pressure to complete a tome by the due date at the library. A quick read through each lesson and a plan on how to implement, and your back out selling more product, and MAKING MORE MONEY!
  3. Focus, focus, focus on what works. No, I don’t have all of the answers. Yes, there will always be more you can learn. But with this system, you won’t have to wade through hours of conceptual sales theory to get to an actionable item. It’s all about action!!!

You’ll learn very specific ways to sell more product or service…including these topics:

Lesson 1: S.E.L.L. more today!

  • How to serve
  • Make decisions for your customers
  • Raise expectations
  • Turn browsers into buyers

Lesson 2: Close with Confidence

  • Types of closes
  • When to close
  • How to “serve” through closing

Lesson 3: Ask the Question

  • What to ask
  • How to ask
  • How to serve in your probing
  • Needs vs. Wants

Lesson 4: Do the Walk Around

  • Feature/benefit discussion
  • Needs vs. Wants vs. Cost
  • Keep it simple!

Lesson 5: Be the Expert

  • Knowing your own product
  • Your competition
  • Other divisions in your business

Lesson 6: Expand Your Base

  • Referrals
  • Cloverleafing
  • Finding new opportunities

Lesson 7: Capture New Markets

  • Comfort zone exit
  • New markets
  • New places
  • New relationships

Lesson 8: Conquer the Fear of NO

  • Numbers games
  • Work/life balance
  • Turning no into yes

Lesson 9: Let the Customer Sell Themselves

  • Fulfilling customer expectations
  • Creating ideal plans
  • Closing appropriately

Lesson 10: Let Your Colleagues Sell For You

  • Co-selling
  • Networking
  • Lead generation

Lesson 11: Sell Yourself

  • Create ALLIES
  • Embrace changes
  • Get Promoted

Lesson 12: Sell Your Employees

  • Be helpful
  • Run interference
  • Create a successful environment

The first lesson is coming your way immediately upon completing your order. Included in your first lesson.. Lesson #1-

  • Serve customers
  • Expect the sale
  • Leverage your expertise
  • Lighten your customers load

In each of these four points in Lesson #1, I will give you actionable steps that will help you land MORE NEW SALES more often! Instead of simply publishing this information in some ebook or quick coaching program, I’m making it available to you week after week in action-sized portions so you’ll actually get results. You don’t need another ebook to clutter up your computer or more words to clutter up your brain. What you need is a weekly “here’s what you do next” action step to complete. What you need is for someone to show you how to quickly get started and then keep teaching you week after week so you don’t get bored along the way.

More New Sales NOW! Your 12 week training membership.
Price: $67.00
12 Week Membership
More New Sales NOW! Your 12 week training membership. Monthly Payment Plan. $1.00 7 Day Trial and then $27.00 monthly for 3 payments. Totaling: $82.00
Price: $

Some more of the things you’ll learn about include…

  • Effective Opening
  • Serving Customers
  • Product/Service Expertise
  • Competitive Expertise
  • Closing
  • Cooperating with Customers
  • Capturing Trust
  • Conquering Objections
  • Probing
  • Uncovering Needs
  • Needs vs. Wants
  • Management
  • Best Practices
  • Teaching Others
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Referrals
  • Dealing with Rejection
  • Co-selling
  • Networking
  • Lead Generation
  • Embracing Change

Each lesson will be 5-10 pages of content in downloadable .PDF format. Short, actionable bullet points, examples and success stories (or failures to learn from), weekly assignments, and action steps. It’s really that simple. No fluff, no theory. No “7 Step Sales Process” with “Adoption Curves”, “Buying Cycles” or any other buzzwords you’ve heard a thousand times… – Okay..I can’t really put out a sales strategy lesson without stumbling over some buzzword or another…but you get my point. It’s all meant to be acted on, not theorized on. No old men in togas here philosophizing about the mental state of the “consumer”….coming up with a new way to say why a customer will or won’t buy…it’s all about activity…the right kind of activity.

Some lessons deal with customers you have and the decisions they make. Some deal with finding new customers and new markets…it’s ALL about MORE NEW SALES, NOW!. So…you want to make some more money? Oh…but you want to know what this will cost you. The price for a subscription to the MORENEWSALESNOW! program is just $25.00 per month. Three months, 12 lessons. Chances are, if you make one more sale as a result of this program, you’ll earn your money back. I know that’s true for massage therapist, tattoo artists, lawyers, accountants, business coaches.  If it pushes you into a new sales stratosphere…well, we both know who wins in that situation :-)…

Heck, it is the cost of one “fancy” cup of coffee per week.  It’s affordable!  It’s doable! Also, if after the first four lessons, your aren’t completely satisfied, simply cancel. In fact, signup today for just $1.00 and I will send you the first lesson. If you decide it is not your style or not the right fit for you, cancel your membership before the 7 days are up and you will not be billed any further. Yes, that is a $1.00 Trial for One of our complete lessons.

So what’s the catch, right? Well, here it is… That’s just $1 for 7 days and then $27 per month for access! Or pay in full and save!!  $67.00 for full access right away!
More New Sales NOW! Your 12 week training membership.
Price: $67.00
12 Week Membership
More New Sales NOW! Your 12 week training membership. Monthly Payment Plan. $1.00 7 Day Trial and then $27.00 monthly for 3 payments. Totaling: $82.00
Price: $

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